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Hove's fitness experts bring you small group personal training to help you transform your physique, increase your energy and leave you feeling in the best shape of your life!

Results you can expect...

Lose fat, gain confidence.

BST will get you feeling the most confident you've ever felt in your body. Our programming along with expert lifestyle support will get you shedding pounds quickly.

Gain muscle, feel strong.

You will learn how to lift weights properly so you can build muscle and feel strong. Don't worry if you don't want to get bulky, our coaches know exactly how to get you the look you want. 

Live life with more energy.

There is nothing more energising than a healthy body. Keep up with kids, crush it at work and still have the energy to socialise with friends. 

Age with grace.

Looking good is great, feeling great is even better. BST programming teaches you the skills you need to keep your body and mind healthy as you age.
" Working with PFA has been a transformative experience. Sam inspired me to believe in myself. My only wish is that I started working with them sooner "
Stephanie Wakelin
" PFA are constantly evolving and learning to provide the best and most UP-TO-DATE knowledge on almost any aspect of your training. I work a lot so finding time for fitness was hard for me. PFA helped me implement habits I could stick to. HIGHLY RECOMMEND" 
Alek Smith
I have trained with PFA for well over a year and it’s been life-changing. Not only physically, but mentally. When I started I was overweight and unhappy with my body. Since then I have lost 40lbs, gained muscle, as well as learned life skills/behaviours to improve my mental health"
Stephanie Marchand


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