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Enjoy unlimited access to our classes for just £49.99 per month. Try your first class for free by clicking the link below! 
*Class memberships include gym access 7 days a week. There is a sign up fee of £30 which includes a gym induction with one of our coaches.
" Working with PFA has been a transformative experience. Sam inspired me to believe in myself. My only wish is that I started working with them sooner "
Stephanie Wakelin
" PFA are constantly evolving and learning to provide the best and most UP-TO-DATE knowledge on almost any aspect of your training. I work a lot so finding time for fitness was hard for me. PFA helped me implement habits I could stick to. HIGHLY RECOMMEND" 
Alek Smith
I have trained with PFA for well over a year and it’s been life-changing. Not only physically, but mentally. When I started I was overweight and unhappy with my body. Since then I have lost 40lbs, gained muscle, as well as learned life skills/behaviours to improve my mental health"
Stephanie Marchand

Personal Training taster for just £30!

For a training experience expertly tailored to your needs we offer one on one personal training. Purchase a taster session with one of our coaches below or book a call for more information! 

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